LAPWARE (License Advancement Program softWARE) is the largest supplier of license (credential) preparation software to the U.S. Merchant Mariner and students/mariners wishing to obtain or raise their U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential from AB to Unlimited Master and QMED to Unlimited Chief Engineer.


Established in 2002

LAPWARE was posted in 2002 for Deck Mariners and in 2013 for Engineering Mariners. LAPWARE is purchased on a 30 day basis and can be renewed by the mariner for an additional 30 days of usage as desired within 12 months of the last purchase. After 12 months of inactivity on the license, all files and access to LAPWARE are deleted. LAPWARE never pro-rates the purchase on a daily or weekly basis. LAPWARE never automatically bills your credit card for the next months purchase. That is totally up to the mariner. Who better knows when one has time to spend one month to study then the mariners themselves.


Highly Accurate

LAPWARE has an outstanding reputation providing a copy of the U.S.C.G. National Maritime Center (NMC) license (credential) exam questions, Deck and Engine, and with solutions, test generator, example test modules and exam code filtering. We have Reports that break down the Questions by Category for ease of use and reference which can be printed out for future reference in the REVIEW QUESTIONS – Question Filters box to filter down to your area of interest or weaknesses.


Added Value

It is strongly recommended that USERS first prepare by using REVIEW QUESTIONS, select the book of questions to review and then select their Exam Code they will be sitting for. Contact Richard Plant at sending him your approval letter for review and determination of your proper Exam Code. LAPWARE allows instructors, students and mariners to create sample exams using our test generator which accurately duplicates the license (credential) exam test modules, based upon feedback from mariners taking the exams. Our Review Wrong feature allows study of areas of weaknesses.


Current Regulations

We cover Deck and Engine databases from Before and As Of March 24, 2014. The test modules are based upon 46 CFR 11.910 (Deck) and 11.950 (Engine) regulations, as well as regs for OSV, MODU and other vessel types, as applicable.

LAPWARE Deck & Engineering

We have two versions of the LAPWARE software, organized by Deck and Engineering Mariner examinations.  Note – Engineering is no longer available for new purchases.

For example, Rules of the Road question(s) appear on the Q130 exam, for raise in grade from 2nd Mate Unlimited to Master 1600 Tons. NO WHERE in the NMC Deck and Engine Guide Book does it state that Rules of the Road is a subject for this exam. BUT BE AWARE – Navigation Problems NEEDS to be included because that is where NMC hides their Fuel Conservation and Speed by Revolution questions. Yet NMC does not list this as part of the Q130 exam description. WHY?  WHY NOT?

Also, for the 200T, 500T, 1600T Master’s exams (whether it be Oceans, Near Coastal, Inland or Great Lakes) it has been reported that Damage Control questions, REQUIRED by the 46 CFR Table 11.910, are not being asked and mariners tested on this subject. Instead, additional stability questions reflecting coverage of the American Mariner vessel class and other stability questions have been added (as many as 3 to 6 questions per exam). LAPWARE is modifying all of our test modules to include these additional American Mariner stability questions to be studied and reviewed in preparation for taking one’s exam.

IT IS ONLY THROUGH FEEDBACK, from mariners taking the exams, that we, or any other other schools or instructors or study programs, can keep up with the changes being made by NMC. YOU, the mariners taking the exams, are the INDUSTRY EYES seeing the exam. NO ONE is being asked to write down anything and take it out of the exam room but rather to memorize the type of questions seen that are out of the norm and report them back to LAPWARE, LLC. Thank you in advance for your assistance in trying to maintain some stability in the process of taking credential exams for one’s future career for which mariners pay dearly for, to the USCG/NMC, for transportation, room, board and training.


NMC, PLEASE tell the industry what you want mariners to know and be tested on, in COMPLIANCE with the 46 CFR Regulations, and all schools/instructors would gladly comply and teach the subjects you insist the mariners need to know for taking their credential exams. Making changes to the exams is totally under your control, BUT, it would be nice to inform industry of changes being made in so-called compliance, or non-compliance, with the regulations. Thank you!



LAPWARE Deck Regulations Deck

A mariner seeking an original national endorsement or raise of grade based on training or service started on or after March 24, 2014, will be examined under the requirements of the final rule published by the Coast Guard on December 24, 2013 (78 FR 77796).

$100.00 per month, and $50.00 setup fee. Purchase your next 30 days of usage as desired – as long as it is within 12 months of your last purchase. After that, all files and access to LAPWARE are deleted.