Return and Refund Policy

LAPWARE, LLC has a NO REFUND policy, in general.

Once purchased and accessed by users the program is available for your usage for 30 days.

However, if within the first week after purchase, due to a total lack of failure to get the program to operate on the purchaser’s computer, and after contacting Richard Plant at and working with him, or assigned programmers, to get the software to run on your computer or device (Windows 7 or above, or Apple iOS  7-9, and select Android platforms, not another device the program is not certified to run) a refund will be granted to your credit card. AGAIN, this will only be done within the first week of purchase. There are NO hourly, daily or weekly prorated refunds OR PURCHASES ever granted under any circumstances.

If the observation of NUMEROUS logins and usage of the LAPWARE program has been accomplished and observed, NO REFUND will be granted, even to the above purchaser. If you successfully logged in, answered questions and viewed solutions and/or generated tests (Study or Real) you will NOT be granted a refund because you successfully used the program. This refund is ONLY for those on whose computer we cannot get the LAPWARE program to operate.

Remember, INTERNET ACCESS is required.  A dish satellite on board a vessel possibly has settings that may cut off Internet Access to the LAPWARE server. Constant communication between your computer and our server is needed for viewing. The failure of your internet service provider to handle the data transfer is something beyond LAPWARE’s control.

Richard Plant and Captain Joseph Murphy