Licensed Advancement Program softWARE (LAPWARE) is the most complete program available for studying, preparing and testing for the United States Coast Guard (USCG) license (credential) exam questions. LAPWARE was developed by industry expert Richard M. Plant.

Credential Coverage

LAPWARE allows individuals to study all of the Deck license exam book sections (Rules of the Road, Deck General, Navigation General, Safety and Navigation Problems). LAPWARE can be used by mariners for all levels of license exams as well as by unlicensed mariners to study for Lifeboatman and Able Bodied Seaman certification.

Key Features

  • Unlimited access via the Internet to all of the USCG questions in their database.
  • No review limit, grade or time lock.
  • Review questions by category as desired.
  • Display solutions for diagrams and mathematical problems.
  • And much more, all at a reasonable cost!

Learn At Your Own Pace

Candidates can study at home eliminating time away from home, as well as, costly travel and lodging expenses. The authors, however, recommend that students use LAPWARE in conjunction with a structured training program to develop the knowledge base necessary. LAPWARE is not a study and memorize question program as is used at many maritime schools. As professionals, we want to see mariners learn the skills necessary to competently serve as a certified and qualified merchant mariner or officer.

Next Steps

No other license exam program on the market even comes close to LAPWARE. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Tell your fellow mariners about it and share your comments with us. Thank you!