Generate Template

We have requested our programmers to install the NEW FEATURE in LAPWARE which allows students/users/mariners the capability to be able to generate their OWN Test Templates. You will soon see on your Main Menu the option to “Generate Template”.  Below that will be the existing Generate Template Test. The new Generate Template allows you to select from the various books and categories questions, along with the number of questions desired per category, that you would like to have in your Test that you name. Use common sense in naming your templates so you can find them more easily later on.

We cannot give a full description of the feature at this time as it will take about 10 pages to fully explain its capability and use.  However, let me mention the limits to the feature so you know what they are.  First, you can generate an UNLIMITED number of Templates BUT you can only generate ONE test, with answer sheet, at a time which will be displayed on your MY TEST screen. When generating the Test from the Template make sure you select either TEST or STUDY TEST as desired.  This test and answer sheet can be either saved to your hard drive or printed for future reference. The second test generated from the same, or any other template, will overwrite the first test and answer sheet. This is done so that users do not clutter up their MY TEST screen with hundreds, or more, of various tests.  Second, the test has a limit of generating only 100 questions, even if you select more then that number. This is just a protection so that no one can get copies of our entire database of information.  The whole purpose of this feature is so that you do NOT have to bother your instructor and can generate templates that will randomly select questions from areas (categories) you might feel you are weak in.  Our aim is to further assist you in being able to pass your license exam and learn from your mistakes, especially in these areas of weaknesses.  Good luck and we hope you like this feature.

A complete set of instructions for DECK officers has been developed and posted below for you to view, download or print.

Richard Plant and Captain Joseph Murphy

Student Generate Template and Tests-Deck